The Havoc of Choice Turns One!

My debut novel The Havoc of Choice is now a year old! I never would have imagined that researching, writing and publishing this book would show me myself so eloquently. It’s been an incredibly expanding and community building year for me and I am so grateful to the THOUSANDS of readers all over the world who made the choice to buy this book and to laugh, dance and cry through it. 

The response to this book has fed me in more ways than you know. 

Now, to give back.

A year ago I made a pledge to offset the carbon footprint of producing my book and with the first edition now sold out, it’s time to make good on this pledge.  We’re going to be planting these trees in September and October 2021. If you would like to help in any way please let me know. 

The Havoc of Choice was a painful book to write. It takes us back to a really difficult time in our past and one that I believe we are yet to fully process. The story of Ngugi, Kavata and their family has picked at the scabs of old wounds, and triggered painful memories for so many of my readers – more so those who were victims of the violence. And for the past year, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this inevitable consequence of my choice to tell this story. So, we created this resource – a list of therapists and counselors across Kenya that offer counselling services both for free and at a fee. 

This list is by no means conclusive. We focussed our search on counsellors that might understand the specific context of the 2007 Post Election Violence in Kenya.  But there’s lots more out there! So, if are a therapist or counsellor, or know one who you think should be added to this list, please submit their information via my website below and we’ll check them out. Please use this list, share it, and help me grow it?

Finally, the second edition of The Havoc of Choice is here! You can get it at Text Book Centre in store or online as well in bookshops all over. If you are a bookstore looking to retail the book, please write to or  

I am truly, madly and deeply grateful for you all.